A positive voice for the shore

Hi I’m Richard Hills. I’m standing for re-election as your Councillor for the North Shore. I’m asking for your support so I can continue to be a positive voice for the Shore on Auckland Council.


How to vote in the local elections

The 2019 local elections are by postal vote. To vote for me you must live in the North Shore ward of Auckland.

Enrol to vote

To vote in the local elections, you must be enrolled to vote. In New Zealand, enrolment for all elections is managed by the Electoral Commission.

If you voted in previous local or parliamentary elections, you should still be enrolled. If you have moved recently, you may need to update your details.

To find out if you are enrolled, or to find out how to enrol, visit the Electoral Commission website.

Postal voting

If you are enrolled to vote, you will receive a voting paper in the mail by Wednesday 25 September 2019. Once you have filled in your voting paper, put it in the pre-paid envelope provided and post it back. You can also put your envelope in the ballot box at any library. You can find the places to vote closest to you on the Where to drop off your voting paper page.

When to post the vote

You will need to post your voting paper by Tuesday 8 October 2019 to make sure it reaches us on time. If you miss this date, you can still vote by putting your envelope into one of our ballot boxes before noon on Saturday 12 October 2019.

Assisted voting

You can arrange for a trained election official to come and help you fill in your voting paper if you are blind or vision-impaired, or would otherwise find it difficult to complete the voting paper.

Information about how to register for this service will be available closer to the election.

How to fill in the voting form

You will be asked to cast a vote for two councillors for the North Shore. Tick Richard Hills - Independent on the voting form.